Tuesday, October 10, 2017

EQ7 Tutorial Tuesday- BYE EQ7!


Have you seen the NEWS?? Electric Quilt is releasing EQ8 soon!!!

-I’ve been fortunate to Beta test for them and EQ8 is SOO different vs version 7! As you may know I started with version 6 and then upgraded to 7 and later EQ stitch, but I remember hearing how 6 was so different from version 5, so don’t know if it’s the same “jump” from 7 to 8, as it was from 5 to 6?

So I will of course start a new EQ8 tutorial series and I’m actually thinking about doing video tutorials instead! Do you like that or no? (I know with limited internet some may not be able to), but I feel I have LOTS of EQ7 tutorials here already, that if you get EQ8 you’ll just need to get used to it vs version 7 and the same tutorials should work too.

What do you think?

So as a little goodbye to EQ7 I’ll do a final tutorial here….

I started off with a horizontal strip layout and picked 3 rows that are 48” long and row 1 and 3 are 6” tall with 8 blocks in each, row 2 is 2” (for now)


I then started looking for simple blocks in the block library and added a few


I tried Attic window and flipped the bottom row


Then on layer 2 there’s an applique text button on the right


once you click it, you select the font and the size of the font


and then holding down SHIFT, draw a little box over one of the blocks and write “B”


after playing with the placement and size I found that 4” is good and the placement guide is at 8” x 0”


Then write each letter in each block and copy and paste where letters are duplicates


it’s looks kind of odd with the Hello and EQ8 having no space between, so let’s fix that.

Change it to 9 blocks and 54” wide now, but then that’s HUGE,


so I’d rather stack them up, so 5 blocks in 4 rows with space in between

by changing that and cloning every other row it’s easy to change

now it’s 30” wide with 5 blocks and if there’s 2” between, it’s a perfect square! (30” x 30”) plus borders


once I moved the letters back in place, it looked like this


and after coloring it and adding mitered corners it looks like this


Have a look at the EQ website to see the features of the new EQ8!


Vicki in MN said...

It will be fun to get your take on 8 and see how it is different.

QuiltShopGal said...

Cute tutorial. I like your idea of video tutorials for V8. In general, I do like video tutorials except when they become more podcast oriented (too long, too chatty) vs focus on the subject of the tutorial.


Pamela Arbour said...

Sad to say, I have not utilized your EQ7 tutorials due to lack of time on my part but I am glad to hear that you will be starting over (technically) with EQ8. I will upgrade and hopefully learn a lot from you. Thanks,Pam

Connie Kresin Campbell said...

I can't wait until EQ8 is available!! I would love to see video tutorials.