Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Creative borders and binding with Island Batik

Creative Borders and Binding Graphic

October’s Challenge for Island batik is Borders and bindings and guess what!? I was looking thru all my old Island Batik posts and I haven’t done anything creative with borders or bindings before with Island batik quilts!

As you know I love Accuquilt too and I had originally planned this for just a “because” quilt, but you’ll see how my plan changed at the end!

in July I did an EQ tutorial on circles


BECAUSE I just got this BIG Go circle die from Accuquilt (4,6,7,8”)

I looked at my bright scraps of batiks (I have quite a lot, since I’ve been an ambassador for 3 years!)


I picked a yellow and cut out a 4” circle (after I added heat n bond to the back)


I centered it on a yard of white batik (which I later trimmed to 27 1/2”)


then I cut (4) 3” circles with my 2,3,5” circle die


and I ironed them down diagonally


then added (4) 2 1/2” circles (from another circle die)


and then I added (4) blue 4” circles and marked it a bit different


and added (12) small 1 1/2” circles around the blue, kind of like a paw print


and then I added more circles in turquoise and another light green


This is when I decided to trim it down and added a thick brown border


I showed it to my husband and my initial idea was to raw edge and just quilt on top of them, and he like that idea but once the top was done I wanted to do something more custom


so I started marking it


Then because that’s more traditional I couldn’t leave it raw edge, so I got out my threads and found matches and button hole stitched around each circle!


Then I started quilting it!


So I could have kept this for December’s “scrappy” theme but then read that it’s supposed to be table toppers, SO… that’s when I decided to squeeze it in for this month’s theme and I pulled out the same batiks I used for the circles and cut random lengths of 2 1/2” strips, which was easy as they were left over scraps, some were FQs, some were yardage that had chunks cut out, the pink/purple was a 10” square!


As I made the binding I wanted to make sure that it would look good and that I wouldn’t have seams on the corners, so my trick is to pin it near the beginning and then lay out the binding all the way around the circumference of the quilt, and if a seam ends up on a corner, I move the beginning of the binding strip and pin again and do it again.


here the first time I laid it out, it wasn’t right


so I moved the beginning and here it’s much better


Here’s the quilt all done!


the quilting has grids, feathers and pebbling


I even changed the color of the thread for the outer border feathers!


here’s the back


I’ve always wanted to do a whole cloth quilt and this sort of gave me the practice with that! I’m very happy with how it turned out Smile


Betsy said...

Bea,it is beautiful and very modern. I love how you made it look very easy

tubakk said...

You're incredible, Bea. I'm so glad to read this whole story of this quilt. So interesting to follow the progress from the beginning. Thank you, Bea.

Marlene @ KISSed Quilts . com said...


Suzy Webster said...

Gorgeous quilting and quilt Bea!

Vicki in MN said...

Look at you getting all adventurous with the quilting-very fun! Great scrappiness in that binding.

Material Girl said...


Createology said...

Your quilt is STUNNING! So fresh and new in its design. Creative Quilting Bliss...<3

Calicojoan said...


Pamela said...

Lovely quilting and you can't beat a scrappy binding! Fun quilt!

Connie Kresin Campbell said...

Beautiful quilt Bea and I have been having fun with that die from AccuQuilt also!

Sharon Denney Parcel said...

Very fun! Your quilting designs add so much to this quilt! Love a scrappy binding.

sally johnson said...

Bea this turned out fantastic. I'm still working on mine

Barb said...

I am envious of your quilting...looks fantastic!!! The early bird catches the worm.

QuiltShopGal said...

Truly beautiful quilt. Love your overall design and when combined with your stunning free-motion quilting, along with beautiful batiks, this quilt looks stunning. Absolutely stunning.


Tea Roberson said...

Hey Bea,
Love how this turn out. It is very inspiring.


Michele said...

I like how it turned out too.

Carla said...

Wow that turned out awesome and your quilting finished it off. I like the way you did the binding too.