Monday, September 25, 2017

QUBE sampler QAL block 37


Here’s block 37!

sampler 37b

You’ll be using the regular QUBE and the companion set for this one.

it uses shapes #2 and #11 and #12

then two fabrics plus white

Cut out 4 each of shape #2 in white and fabric A

Then 2 of shape #11 in fabric A

and 2 of shape #12 in fabric B


Sew the DP pieces together (#11 and 12) and as you know I sew as much as possible before ironing, so here’s the beginning of the four patches with shape #2


Once the four patches are done, lay out the block pieces however you want.

Here’s the way that matches the EQ sketch


here’s other ways


I sewed mine together like the sketch Smile


Here’s block 36 and more from participants

Here’s michelle’s

(look it’s cheese its!)


and here’s Renie’s

36 renie

and Lynne started from the beginning and already made quite a few blocks


and Patty made 33-35 here

36-33-35 patty

And here’s Lorri working from both ends

36 Lorri

aren’t they great??

all so different and fun