Monday, September 11, 2017

QUBE sampler QAL Block 35


Block 35 is a fun one and also requires the companion set.


Just like last week, we’ll use the chisel die #9 and then die #5

I used white plus two fabrics


From fabric A and white, cut out 4 of #9 chisels, having the A fabric, right side UP, (since the white is the same on the front and back it doesn’t matter how it goes on the die, but if you use a different fabric that’s not died all the way thru then it would be right side DOWN)

also from A and B cut out 4 EACH of shape #5, my B fabric is a pale grey so it looks almost white!


Now instead of sewing the chisel into a rectangle like last week, sew the small #5 triangle to the short side of the #9 chisel as shown, so it becomes are large triangle!


Then sew two opposite large triangles together and then these into a block like this!

Here’s blocks from last week

Lorrie is new and started with #1 and 2


then she also did #33 (didn’t see #34 yet)


Renie is doing her 3rd quilt in batiks

34 renieb

here are her other 2, a pink and a blue version


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