Monday, September 4, 2017

QUBE sampler QAL Block 34


It’s week 34!

and this block is simple, but does require the companion QUBE set


You’ll need white and 2 colors of fabrics

Shapes #5, #8 and #9


Cut 4 white of #8

then 2 of shape #5 and #9 with each fabric, but pay attention to the direction of #9- so you don’t want to fold the fabric and cut, but instead here all 4 layers had to be right side DOWN.

I chose this striped fabric as the two fabrics and had the strips follow the long side of shape #9 and then cut #5 to match.

Then sew opposite #5 triangles to the angled edges of #9


Then sew the white #8 rectangles to the long side of shape #9


and sew block together like this!


Here’s block 33 from last week

here’s renie’s

33 renie

and Hannah caught up on the last 4 blocks!


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