Friday, September 8, 2017

Fun Neighborhood quilt

Did you see the newest free pattern on Accuquilt??

it’s called Fun neighborhood and I designed and made it for Accuquilt a few months ago.

GO! Qube 8" Twirling Petals Quilt (PQ11056)

I had just gotten my plastic templates for the long arm and the math worked out that I could perfectly do clamshells in rows across the whole quilt, my hands got a little stiff, as I’m not used to it, but I loved the result!


it was a learning experience as I found it better to work from the bottom and up and that’s NOT how a quilt is loaded on a frame, so I had to do it first like that and then I think I was able to work from the top and down after a little while.


The pattern is super easy and I used a FQ bundle from Riley Blake and solid white and the 8” QUBE and companion set.

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Nancy said...

I like the clam shells. Could you have loaded the quilt upside down and worked from the top of the machine down to the bottom?