Friday, September 1, 2017

August review

I can’t believe it’s September now!!
it “should” be one of our quieter months for our family… kids are back in school, there are no birthdays for us…we’ll see Winking smile
Here’s a review of what I completed in August
Blazing Star Quilt

Crafty things:

so a productive month – 4 quilts and 2 fabric bowls
-no clothes, even though I’m sort of itching to do some, I just sorted thru Anja’s clothes and bumped her up to size 2T and there’s 12 dresses I’ve made! (some are sort of new, some are from Sonja or Solveig!!) so this girl has a enough, but Sonja might need some?? but I love to do matching outfits, but that will be okay if I don’t for a while! I also have “plans” for a dress shirt for me, but then I often get disappointed when I make stuff for myself and “waste” 3-4yds… so maybe I should just look thru Sonja’s dresses and figure out what patterns I haven’t used for her in a while!!??

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