Friday, September 15, 2017

a kennel quilt, patterns, EPP and Christmas stuff

All this hurricane devastation has made me think about doing SOMETHING! and a fellow IB ambassador helps with Kennel quilts, so I figured I’d start on some more and see how far I get and where I need to send them!

I started this after Harvey hit Houston (a fellow IB ambassador finally made it home to there and has pretty much gutted her house!!)

I think kennel quilts are fun to make and they are only 12”x18” so small and easy to mail, so I might do more and just store them and wait for a pile of them and a need and then send them off, we’ll see.

Anyways, I had this Island Batik charm pack I wanted to use


I got out my QST die from the 8” QUBE set and cut out a bunch (one charm = one block, sort of) so I needed 12 charms


Then I started sewing together QST blocks



and this is what it will look like Smile


I’ve also been working on round #3 for the millifori quilt



and after the pincushion parade, I just can’t have JUST 98 pincushions, so I started #99, a black batik one (from the same pack as the kennel quilt)


Last week I got a package of fabrics from connecting threads


Because….. I had these 12 days of Christmas embroideries! I did these years ago and did several mistakes on them, some blocks I used the wrong stabilizer (actually I think all of them) and I had run out of black thread so I used grey instead! anyways, these blocks have been staring at me and just wanting me to do SOMETHING with them!!

So when I saw the CT Christmas fabrics on sale I got some for this quilt!


I trimmed them all down to the same sized square- that was my “problem” too, most were around 5”, but #9 was longer and #7 was just too uneven but bigger and the fabrics were not flat…. I found that trimming to 7” worked! then I figured I’d use a QUBE set and make alternate blocks with the Christmas fabrics, so that meant to add a border on the embroidered blocks, so I decided on 9” finished blocks and that meant I added 1 3/4” black borders to these blocks!


and here I cut out pieces for the alternate blocks (wait and see)


I also got another delivery of goodies recently!


I finally got around to getting my own patterns printed professionally and this was about 30 patterns X 5 or 10 of each, about 20lbs of paper!!



I got 6x9” ziplocs from amazon and started sorting and bagging!


a whole basket full! and I actually ran out of ziplocs! (I had 200)


shipping box got used right away!

Anja almost got shipped out too!!! (Just kidding)


and a friend recently had a baby, girl #5!! so I was looking at a quilt for her and even though this one is “old” it has 5 chicks on it and says Chicks Rule! just thought that was funny for them Smile


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tubakk said...

So many beautiful things you're working on these days. That millifori quilt is fantastic and inspireing. But I can't start another hexie quilt before I've finished my La Passion. Have a nice weekend, and don't ship out your beautiful little girl.