Tuesday, August 8, 2017

VBS is over

VBS is over, it was last week from Tuesday-Thursday with a picnic on Friday.

As usual, I’m the “CRAFT” lady Winking smile

The theme was “world travel” and the kids “visited” 3 continents.

The first continent was Africa!

There’s 4 age groups; 10 and up, 8 &9- 5,6,7 and 4-5yr olds

This year my craft room order was oldest to youngest (kind of nice because then the biggest mess is at the end)

So I came up with this idea of winding embroidery floss around twine and because the little kids were threading beads and silver straw tubes on twine, I incorporated a bead in the older kids’ craft too. This was for the two oldest groups, so 8 and up.

Well it never goes how you plan! right?

these 10year olds hardly knew how to tie knots and didn’t get the whole winding thing, so I think they only got to finish one color! and we bagged it all up for them to take home…

the 2nd group did better, they finished two colors!!


5-7 and then 4-5s strung beads on twine with silver straw pieces in between and the older class did fine they did a bracelet each.

But the 4 and 5yr olds (Sonja’s grade) finished a bracelet in 5 min!! so I gave them a long string and told them to just have fun, so Sonja made me this necklace!!


Wednesday was the Americas and the kids decorated a tropical picture frame (Sonja lost a flower in the corner, but I brought some home to fix it) and we wrinkled up tissue paper for the inside of the flowers, everyone did a great job!


Thursday was Asia and each kid made KOI fish, here’s my sample.

I actually used the 2” circle die from the Accuquilt 2,3,5” circle die and cut out a bunch in tissue paper and also cut out some white eyeballs in 1 1/2” circles!


Even with only 40 kids total, everyone was exhausted!

-Oh Bjorn and Solveig helped too, Solveig helped with worship and then was my craft helper and Bjorn helped with games.

I think the kids had a good time!!

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