Monday, August 21, 2017

QUBE sampler QAL Block 32


Here’s the block for week 32


You’ll need the companion set for this one too!

Here’s the shapes you’ll need: #4, #5 and #10


and 2 different fabrics PLUS white

From fabric A cut (2) of shape #10 (signature)

From fabric B cut (4) of shape #5 (I ended up using white)

Then from both B AND white, cut out (4) of shape #4

I used one directional fabric for #4 shape and it worked just fine Smile


Sew the QST #4 triangles together into QST blocks

and as you can see the directional fabric worked fine as the second block is turned so the fabrics are all facing the same way.

Also sew the #5 triangles to the sides of the signature blocks

then sew the block together


Here’s the block all done!


Here’s some blocks from participants last week

Renie’s block

31 renie



Michelle’s #30 and #31

31 michelle

And Angela who’s still catching up, did her first DP block!!

31angela dp

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