Tuesday, August 8, 2017

QAYG with Island Batik

The theme for August is Quilt as you Go!
and for long arm quilters like me, I was clueless as to how to do it…
I looked at a few ideas online and then decided to go simple!
The size requirements WERE 36 x 36 or bigger (I’m just giving someone a hard time as the size requirements got lowered recently, AFTER I finished my quilt of course)- I don’t care really Winking smile
So I started off with a piece of backing, here I had a yard of a pinkish purple batik that came with my box last time and I never had it “fit” any project until now, so I put that on the frame and adding batting.
Then I busted out this pack of 5” strips that was also in the box or maybe even from last year!?
I picked out a few rolls that were purple or pink or at least closer to girly colors, because with a 1yd backing, I was thinking a baby quilt- can’t ever have too many of those lying around and ready to give away!
So I sort of figured out my own technique. I first basted down a 5” strip at the top and just basted on the sides and the top.
Then I picked another strip and trimmed it to whatever size, I think this one is around 2” or so and then I’d have a 3” piece leftover.
I then “sewed” that strip one with the long arm, as the foot is a 1/4” I just laid the strip right sides together and sewed on the bottom edge from side to side and then flipped the new piece back down
As I had recently gotten a clamshell template/ruler for long arm quilting (not my newest one, but this other one inspired me to buy my newest one that’s different sizes) I quilted a clamshell pattern all over the first strip
Then added more strips, one at a time, and as before, I’d add one strip, sew it to the previous strip, then flip it down and I believe I basted just the sides, then went back and quilted the previous strip and so one.
I filled it in with a different design on each strip and I also tried to have the repeated batik leftover strip be 3-4 rows further down.
I tried feathers, bubbles, a mini clamshell! (that one was hard on the hands! good thing it was only 3” times the width of the strip.
Actually I think I trimmed all the strips to 36” or so before adding them.
This was another template I tried, it’s meant for a wreath design I think but I just treated it like a leaf and moved it down the line.
Here’s the completed quilt! I think it ended up being 36 x 40” or around there…
I found a fun left over batik that I used for the binding and I machine stitched it down with a fun leaf stitch.
Here’s a view of the backing, as you can see, you can see the straight lines on each row.
it’s not a different color, I think it’s just the light in the room that made it look so pink!
Here the quilt “melted” outside on our new deck
It was a fun quilt, and I learned something new, as I’ve never done a QAYG quilt, and certainly not on the long arm!
I did learn that I really have to make sure the new strips are perfectly flat when adding the new strip, because at the end, the whole thing was slightly crooked or had shrunk, so I had to trim it after it was quilted.
Would I do it again? I don’t know, I might look up a different technique or actually I want to try whole cloth quilting one day!


tubakk said...

Such a sweet quilt. Great quilting. Always good to do something new. I'm starting mine this week.

Goofin' Off Around the Block said...

That really turned out stunning! You'd never know this was your first QAYG. Happy sewing! Andrea

teachpany said...

Great experiment, and a cute finish.

Sharon Denney Parcel said...

Gorgeous! Don't you just love those rolls of 5" strips? Love your color combination!

Vicki in MN said...

That came out just wonderful!! Getting my binding on my Aug. project tomorrow(I hope) and posting this week.