Thursday, August 3, 2017

New Island Batik ambassador box

The news went out last week to the Island Batik ambassadors that boxes went out to everyone.
So of course like the impatient people we ALL are, we were all on the look out for FedEx the rest of the week.
As soon as anyone got a box they showed it on FB live or a video or blog post.
Friday I even saw the fedEx truck next door, on my way out, but there was nothing when I got home, so I figured I’d have to wait ALL the way until Monday!!
Saturday, hubby was working on my car and a neighbor was helping him so I’d walk out and give them both a hard time once in a whileWinking smile and JUST when I had walked out there- maybe around 5pm Saturday, the FedEx truck pulled in and I ran over and the driver could obviously see my excitement, as I said I was expecting the box, he said with a grin, oh wait it’s not for you, it’s for next door! but then gave it to me….
I tried to do a LIVE FB thing, but couldn’t do it on my beaquilter page, so instead I filmed it with my phone and posted it afterwards- took over 2hrs to upload!!
If you want to see it, go here
I also took some pictures
Here’s the box with all the goodies!
One bundle was a jelly roll pack with two coordinating fabrics
the main bundle is a secret for now- I’ve actually already made a quilt for fall market in some of these fabrics!
Then there was Christmas bundle (I already washed this one)
And 2.5yds of Rayon (love that black with polka dots!!)
and 2yds of neutral which is always great!
and a bonus bundle, that has a bit of random pieces that can go anywhere, one was a fun block print and another had doggies all over it
and packs of 5” strips!
Without actually taking everyone out and measuring, I was telling my husband I was guessing there’s 30yds or more in there! that’s a lot!!!
I love working with batiks, it’s always Christmas when I get a new box.
This box will last us into January Winking smile So I better get to sewing something !!
(I already have August’s project done and September’s TOP done)
October is border and binding, november has no theme, might be a post reviewing what we’ve done thruout the year, and sunday is scrappy table toppers!

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