Thursday, August 10, 2017

GO Round Robin

The GO Round Robin has started!

round robin 2017

I sent off this one to the next person to add a 3” border


and last week I got a thick package with this block and matching fabrics!


a fun appliqued block with flowers and a butterfly


so I had to add a 3” border and this is all I’m going to show for now as we want to keep it mostly secret!

I already shipped it to the next person Smile


I’ve also decided to remake my Night sky BL118 pattern, here I did a small blue version and used the QUBE set for it too and 1 1/2” strip die, so I need to change the pattern when the quilt is done.

(I just realized the left column was supposed to be on the right side! don’t really feel like ripping it out though)


I was organizing my fabric shelves and came across this pillow birthday kit and figured I’d start it


here’s the pieces all appliqued, well ironed down.DSCF8754

Solveig has been making paper cranes and stuck them to the ceiling in her room.


Bjorn had his first day of school on Tuesday!



Carol S. said...

Looks like you're having fun with your Round Robin. Pretty blocks!

Nancy said...

The round robin looks like fun.
I would not know that one of the blue rows is out of place, it is a nice quilt.
And, getting back into the school routine. I hope their school year is good.