Thursday, August 31, 2017

First week of school!

Monday was the first day of public school here

Solveig started 7th grade

(not really excited!)

But she had a great time once she got there! caught up with friends and happy with her teachers.


Sonja started kindergarten and they had staggered entry so she started Wednesday!

She was SO excited, even though school starts at 8 (7.55) we were there at 7.35 when the doors opened!!


Daddy was actually still near after dropping Bjorn off at the bus stop so him and Solveig waited and we all walked up together


So now it’s just me and Anja home!!

This week we bought this used playset from our neighbor as she’s selling her house and the new owners don’t have kids.

Kids will have fun playing on it after school Smile - and Anja during the day…


I’ve been catching up on projects and several secret ones

of course here’s more ohio star blocks


and I’m working on a girly quilt, here’s some small HSTs that I made with the 6” QUBE set



Janet said...

Ah back to school days with all the organizing that has to go on. My granddaughter started high school this week. Yikes!

Cheryl's Teapots2Quilting said...

Don't blink, my youngest started his last year (we hope) of college this past week. He is making us grandparents early next year.

koi seo said...

My granddaughter started high school this week. Yikes!