Thursday, August 17, 2017

Blazing Star QUBE quilt for Accuquilt

Did you see this quilt I did for Accuquilt?

Blazing Star Quilt

I used the blazing star die and the 12” QUBE set to make the quilt


12" GO! Qube

I first sketched it out in EQ

Blazing Star Quilt

Here my quilt “melted” as it crawled up onto the deck in this summer heat!

Blazing Star Quilt

For more details about how I made it, look at the blog post

I do believe they still have a sale going on with $10 off of GO dies (or $5 for the smaller ones)

Try it out! the Blazing star die is fun!!


Barb said...

Love it, so love Accuquilt and their dies.

Denise Russell said...

It is beautiful!

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Wonderful creativity I see in your work, honestly you have made so beautiful and perfect quilt designs and I must say that you are doing a very good job by keeping yourself busy in these type of works.