Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Bjorn’s birthday on Eclipse day

Did you all see the eclipse?

Yesterday was also Bjorn’s 15th birthday!

I had originally planned on just having him do half a day of school but it was an excused absence so we kept him home all day.

We had teased him all week that since he’s getting an eclipse from God on his birthday, that's all he’s getting!

Then he saw this box and we then said it was a quilt from a customer!!

So when he woke up in the morning, he asked about if he could open up the QUILT box soon!! – he has wished for this lego set, so he kind of knew he was getting it…

A Lego creator city Bank, it goes with the detective agency he got for Christmas.


Then the assembly began!

(I took lots of pictures and posted on instagram and facebook throughout the day)


look at this wad of cash!!


a door to the bank vault


a statue outside the front door


downstairs was also a laundry mat and the money dispensed went straight into the bank


Then we took a break and had Daddy’s “famous” french toast for lunch


back to Legos, the laundry mat got done


the details are just amazing, here someone is winning 500 studs!


since it’s a bank, there’s also a bank robber- it’s the photographer who changed into a robber hat and scarf- sneaky cover up!


Then it got to be eclipse time!

We got 2 pairs of glasses from a friend, then a neighbor messaged me about an hour before that he had a few extra pairs, so we ended up with 4 pairs!

We kept going in and out until it was 2.30 or maybe earlier and then stayed out there to watch it.


Bjorn went up to get the detective set and hooked the bank next to it and continued building


the bank manager’s office!


we poked holes in a paper plate and it sure worked!!


Then we lined up with our glasses!


I was surprised that it didn’t get dark even at 94% cover, just shows how powerful the sun is!!


as soon as it was over we went back to building, I actually didn’t build much, but often I’d look ahead a step and help Bjorn find the pieces and he would build.


again, amazing details! a corner clock and a chandelier


then it was time for the roof (3rd floor)


There was a tiny frog that was supposed to be a gargoyle and we put the bank on the opposite side of the detective agency- also notice the bank robber is ready!!

She would actually go down the chimney and if the vault was open from the top, she could slide all the way down- using the pulley rope that’s supposed to be attached under the gargoyle.


and Bjorn finished right before dinner!

I think that was about 8hrs!


Great job!!

and happy birthday buddy!


Cheryl's Teapots2Quilting said...

Boy, in my day, there weren't fancy Lego's like that. I saved my $$ and bought a box of 1000 pieces (my son's played with it, too). Gee, teaching the kids how to rob the bank, and launder the $$ too. Different world. We were in the 87% eclipse area, but, we had total cloud cover. I only got light a couple of times, for a few seconds at a time, thru my viewer.

CathyQuilts said...

My goodness, Legos have grown up!! I see a little blond hair girl 'helping' :) Happy birthday Bjorn!

Shasta Matova said...

That is an intriguing set of legos. Bank robbing and money laundering! Lots of lessons and interesting story for the person putting it together. It is so intricate too.