Friday, August 25, 2017

2nd QAYG project with island Batik

Quilt As You Go

remember I bought this pattern at a quilt show last month?


When I posted it here on my blog, Vicki –a fellow blogger and island batik ambassador said she had it too and was going to use it for the QAYG themed project for this month (as her 2nd project) so we kind of had a race going and I LOST!!

When I saw here post it gave me the push to do mine too!

I got out some leftover 5” strips from the QAYG quilt I made earlier this month and where I had to separate some rolls, so of course I went for BLUES!!


I used batting in between, not the stuff the pattern called for, but I made it work! and here’s the finished bowl!


it’s 4” tall and 6” wide


fits my phone!- I just noticed my reflection in there, I’m holding the lens of my camera!!


To Anja, it’s a hat!!


So to ONE UP Vicki, I just HAD to make another one!!

(actually Sonja asked me to and picked out her favorite colors!)


This is the large 5” x 7” version and for some reason it was giving me all sorts of problems!! but it’s done down and I’m not making a 3rd any time soon Winking smile


and here’s Sonja modeling her “hat”


Two bowls together


They fit inside each other well


Have you ever tried these?

I’ve made plenty of the wrapped cording bowls but none with straight sides like this! They would make great gifts!


tubakk said...

What pretty hats and bowls you've made. I love the colors together. I'm working on my QAYG challenge, and try to find out about techniques. I actually try two different, and will have two products for this challenge.

Connie Kresin Campbell said...

Those are really cute Bea! Makes me want to make some too!

Vicki in MN said...

The hats made me laugh out loud for real!!!!!! I see you machine stitched your binding down, I did hand stitching, cuz I thought it would be easier. I think the top binding would be easy enough to do on the machine, not sure about that bottom one.

Createology said...

Lovely Island Batik Bowls you have created. Your girls are beautiful and look super cute wearing their "hats". Creative QAYG Bliss...<3

Denise Russell said...

They turned out so cute! I love the batik colors!

koi seo said...

Makes me want to make some too!