Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Quilt Expo in Raleigh

This weekend I went with my friend Laura to the Quilt and Sewing Expo in Raleigh


On the left and way back there were quilts on display, the rest were vendors!

Laura needs a new sewing table so we went to see if anyone had anything like that on display, they didn’t but there were a lot of long arm machines!! probably 10 different companies and of course sewing machines too!

Here’s some eye candy


I’m always interested in the long arm quilting part of the quilts, this was a dresden but it looked very rounded and then great background filler!


Lots of dense quilting on this one, those hearts look computerized, don’t they!?



I’m working on 5” ohio star blocks from the serendipity qube set, so I liked the setting here


and here was a large loopy meandering but it was all echoed again, thought that was pretty neat


I believe this one was made by Ebony Love, wonder if she used the GO cutter for any of these?


Double wedding ring but that was repeated in the quilting


These two quilts were the same “pattern” but totally different looks!


There was a section that was all black and white (plus another color often)


I really liked this star one!


and a baptist fan quilt


and more gorgeous quilting


I thought this one had an interesting border


Then on to vendors!


I was really drawn to these baskets (actually thought they were coiled)

I went back later and got their pattern


and Wish upon a quilt was the only ones featuring Accuquilt there!


I also talked to one shop about Island Batik, as he had another Rayon batik hanging and I was actually wearing my blue rayon dress, so the employee and owner got to feel the difference, of course mine was washed, theirs wasn’t…

After a fun trip I came home with just ONE pattern and a free sewing kit and I dropped off business cards several places Smile


I got home to a box from Connecting threads, I had ordered 4yds of white, a pink and grey FQ bundle, some threads and a charm pack in fall colors



Vicki in MN said...

I just bought that basket pattern too!!!!!!!!!!!!
Thanks for all the eye candy;)

Josie McRazie said...

So much pretty stuff all in one place!
I recently started working st a quilt shop (Quilt Addicts Anonymous) for Stephanie Soebing and we Cary the stuff for those bags and baskets!! They work up pretty nice!! If you decide you need more she ships product as well!!

Lupe Smith said...

Woooow Its Very nice thank youuu :)

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