Monday, July 31, 2017

QUBE sampler QAL block 29


This block is EASY peasy!! an uneven nine patch!

(actually it was one block in my VERY first quilt I made 13yrs ago!)


You’ll use 2 fabrics plus white

Dies #1,2 and #8

cut out 1 of #1

4 of #2 in white

and 4 of #8 in another fabric, I used directional fabric


an uneven nine patch is easy to sew together, I’ll just note that I ironed toward #8 on all sections


and here’s the block all done!


Before I show you the blocks from last week’s participants, here’s two blocks that Angela made, she’s new and decided to start from the beginning of the QAL and catch up, here these are made in lovely purples!

28-1 angela28-2angela

Here’s block 28 from last week’s participants

Patty’s #28


Shayne’s #28 (everyone loves these cherries)


Renie’s #28 in batiks, here she flipped the HSTs and I really like that!

28 renie

Here’s Hannah’s #28


and she also showed the progress of her blocks!


and this is Michelle’s #28

28 michellew

She also showed her progress!


So here’s the line up of participants of the QAL in no specific order for the giveaway

1 Mary

2 Ramona

3 Michelle

4 Patty

5 Sandy W

6 Sandy (another one)

7 Hannah

8 Renie

9 Kaye

10 Shayne

11 Betty

12 Angela

and on I did a random pick from 1-12 and it picked #9 which is Kaye!

I let her know on the FB group.



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