Monday, July 3, 2017

QUBE sampler QAL block 25


It’s week 25 and this block is a fun one!


It’s assembled at an angle- diagonally, but otherwise easy!

You’ll need QUBE shapes #2,4 and 5

and 3 colors plus white


With background color, cut out 4 of #2 squares, 4 of #4 triangles

from the 2nd color cut out 4 of #4 and 4 of #5 triangles

the last color, cut out 2 of #5

also cut out 2 of #5 in white

(Of course lay as much fabric as you can on the die at a time before cutting


looking at the picture below, sew the 2 sets of small triangles together and then the 4 of the leftover small triangles to sides of background squares


now sew the triangle sets with the white triangles together into a small QST block.

Also sew large #4 triangle to sides of the 4 sets with the background squares as shown


Now lay out the block pieces and sew the background triangles to sides of two of the background square sections and the remaining two background odd shapes to the center QST block

Iron toward center and background triangles


Now sew the block together!


a fun block with the QUBE set Smile

Here’s some eye candy from the participants so far

Betty posted this on FB that she went on a retreat and finished this Quilt of Valor quilt and used several of the QAL blocks, look at how they are off set, that’s a neat quilt!!

24 betty

and here’s block 24 from Renie, she decided to stop her current 30s blocks and start again with batiks so she’ll have 2 quilts at the end!

24 renie2

and Shayne caught up on block 23 and 24

24 shayne

always such fun to see the different versions and now they are talking about next years QAL, so I already started “thinking” about it and have ideas already Smile

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