Friday, July 14, 2017

Long arm quilting a modern quilt

A while ago I got an email from a lady in NY, who was room mates with one of my customer’s daughter up there and she made her first quilt and wanted me to quilt it! So she sent me this link to a very modern quilt that was quilted by Angela Walters and asked me to sort of do it like this!!

SURE…. copy Angela Walters?? sure….. umm. and with lots of thread color changes too!

Once I got the quilt I just started playing around on the white part and sort of copied it and sort of did my own thing and sent her this pic Smile


All done!!

very dense and quite fun to quilt!


here’s some more close ups of the quilting



Here’s a bit of the color change, I deliberately went over the lines and didn’t want the change to be very sudden.

With the quilting I sometimes followed the wedges sometimes I didn’t, that’s what makes it fun I think!


She also added strips of fabric for the binding and asked me to attach it to the front and she’d sew it onto the back.


Hope she like it!

(She has a 2nd quilt for me to quilt too eventually)


Kathy S. said...

Great job!

Yanicka said...

LOL copying one of the best in the problem ;)

You did a great job!!!

Michele said...

It turned out wonderful.