Friday, July 21, 2017

a little update

So it’s been 10 months since Bjorn’s accident and I wanted to give a little update for anyone interested.

Yester Bjorn got the metal braces off!

Here’s the before and after pictures


So as you can see, his teeth are not straight in his upper mouth!

and that’s because the upper teeth have fused to the jaw bone so there’s nothing else that can be done! it’s how it healed……

He’s had had 2 root canals so far and need another 2 soon, one is not really a root canal for the root of a canine tooth is being absorbed, so it needs to be taken care of and filled because it hits the nerve and he’d then need a real root canal!

We’re starting that next week!

Then a premolar next to that is way high up and there was talk about pulling it out and moving the molars over to fit the space, but with the teeth not moving at all in the front, that can’t be done now.

So what needs to be done?

Well it’s something that can’t be done YET, we have to wait until he’s fully grown, so probably in his mid 20s (10yrs from now) then he’ll most likely get implants or some sort of replacement of the teeth, veneers won’t work as the gap is too much now.

All we know is that it’s $$$$….

We’re still dealing with insurance, though it seems to be set, there’s no case against them, the policy pays a certain amount and that’s it! because Bjorn and the kid who hit him were minors, both under 16 without a driver’s license and I can say it’s enough to cover our deductible and dental work this year and last, but not much left over for the future!

In the big scheme of things though, we thank GOD that Bjorn is alive and well, he’s living and walking, not stuck in a wheel chair or worse…

so it is “just” money and it is “just” teeth…. but still it’s a nightmare and very stressful!

BUT you know what?

Now Bjorn is thinking about becoming a dentist especially an orthodontist instead of some sort of engineer! So that could be the answer to our prayer of why did this happened to him?

He’ll have to decide within the next year if he’s getting an associates in science or engineering thru the early college that he’s enrolled in, so he most likely will go the science route!

If he is motivated and really wants to do it, I know he can! and he’ll surely be a special candidate for it and have a story to tell, his orthodontist now was in a bike accident himself as a teenager and had his front teeth replaced, and that’s what made him pick his career, so I think Bjorn could do it too!

so we’ll see…. Smile


Cissa K said...

All the best to him. I wish he continues to heal well and decide on a great career that will make him happy. Good wishes to you too.

Carol S. said...

What a trial you've had with the accident and insurance, but you are so right...he's alive and still with you. Being a dentist or orthodontist would be a great career for him.

Barb said...

You truly are lucky he is a live and he is such a good looking young man and what direction this accident gave him.....sorry about the insurance.

dogloverlaura said...

He looks so handsome! You are truly blessed. Good luck with the insurance.

The Quilt Rambler said...

I didn't know you when this happened, just quickly reviewed the accident...rejoicing with you that God is the Almighty Healer and that He is blessing your family by holding on to you during this trial and praying that He will continue to carry you through. Prayers....

margaret said...

good to read how Bjorn is doing following that horrendous accident. Interesting that he is thinking of being a dentist I am sure he will be full of compassion for his patients after all he has been through. We are so lucky to have the National Health here though dentists are hard to find that take NH patients and there is a charge even so. I am fortunate my treatment is free as it is means tested and my pension is very small.

Pamela Arbour said...

Thank you so much for the update. I knew that had to be an ongoing nightmare for all of you. It seems that there is never enough insurance to get through something like that. I am glad that his injuries were not any worse when you think of all of the worse scenarios. I am so glad to hear that he is making improvements daily and looking forward to his new found career! God bless you all.