Wednesday, June 21, 2017

School house quilt is done!

I’ve been on a roll, finishing up quilts lately!

This school house quilt was part of the Rainbow color of the month last year (haven’t joined this year) and I made 9 solid colored school house blocks with the Accuquilt die, then sewed them all together and added more solid and white borders!


I quilted a ribbon swirl on the white borders, then bubbles on the solid borders and an outline stitch on the school houses and outlining the blocks too!


I’m glad it’s done, not sure what my plan is for this quilt (yet)


Mia said...

Oh! How lovely design! I will definitely try it!

Elaine Tabor said...

Lovely! I have this die and this may inspire me to do something with it.

Nancy said...

I always wanted to make a schoolhouse quilt. The dies must have made it a snap to get the pieces cut. I had seen the windows replaced with various quilt blocks and that was intriguing.