Wednesday, June 7, 2017

quilting for a customer

My long arm business has almost died but every once in a while I get someone, this time a local customer/client had two for me that she was finishing for someone else.

I believe someone had made the centers of the top and she added the borders


she just wanted basic meandering on both of them, so easy peasy!


I am trying to get into ruler work on my new machine and bought a started template set thru nancy’s notions


They look neat!

I already tried the clamshell and it worked like a charm!! wait and see Winking smile


cucki said...

Wow so beautiful x

Mia said...

It's so nice!

colleen said...

? I know you just got a new long arm it seems to me not getting customers must be terrible do you know why? Is it too expensive for people to have their quilts quilted by a professional? Or is it a usual summer slow down
I feel for you

Nancy said...

I like the quilt with the green center area. And ruler work intrigues me!