Monday, June 26, 2017

QUBE sampler QAL block 24

We’re half way there!!


This week’s block is a bit odd, but still fun Smile


You’ll need 2 fabrics and white

From white, cut out 2 of shape #2

fabric 1, cut out 4 of #5 and 2 of shape #10

fabric 2, cut out 4 of shape #5 and 2 of shape #3


We’ve sewn these sections together before, so I’m not showing step by step, but sew small #5 triangles to sides of small squares, then finish with large #3 triangles, then sew the 4 #5 triangles to angled sides of signature #10 blocks


and finish the block!


Here’s my picture of the first 24 blocks! we’re half way there!!!


here’s the blocks from participants last week

23 renie23 patty2223 patty23 hannah

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