Monday, June 19, 2017

QUBE sampler QAL block 23


This week’s block is easy and you may have seen it already!

It was part of a pattern I wrote for Accuquilt for a runner (and a bigger quilt too)


It’s an easy block!

You’ll need 2 colors plus white

dies #2, #4, #5

With fabric #1 cut out 4 of #2 and 4 of #4

With fabric #2 and white, cut out 2 of shape #2 and 4 of shape #5



Start of by making two sets of opposite flying geese with #4 triangles with two different #5 triangles, and a 4patch of white and fabric #2


Then sew the flying geese to the center 4patch matching up the placements of the geese with the four patch placements, add the background squares to the corners.


here’s the block all done


here’s a few pics of last week’s block

22 renie22 shayne

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