Monday, June 12, 2017

QUBE sampler QAL block 22

This week’s block is quite different and would actually make a great secondary pattern in a big quilt!
You’ll need dies #2, #3 and #5
and 3 colors plus the solid (white)
From die #2 (small square) cut out 2 whites and 2 of fabric A
From die #3 (large triangle) cut out 2 of fabric B
From die #5 (small triangle) cut 2 of fabric A, 4 of fabric B, 8 of fabric C and 2 white
Sew 4 HSTs together from fabric B and C and 2 of fabric A and white
Then add the squares to the first 4 HSTs and add remaining fabric B small triangles to the A/white HSTs and the finish the block sections as shown below with the large triangles and sewing the HSTs and squares together (2 of each)
and finish the block!
here’s a few blocks from the participants on FB
21 patty
21renie qube sampler QAL