Tuesday, June 13, 2017

EQ7 Tutorial Tuesday–Rob Peter blocks


Sorry I totally forgot my tutorial was supposed to be last Tuesday! so I’m doing one today instead…

This time I’ll focus on a block called Rob Peter to Pay Paul


I looked up the meaning

To take from one merely to give to another; to discharge one debt by incurring another.

I guess this curved block when you cut it out would take the outer wedged from one fabric and also the inner “X” shape but use the outer wedges on a different block!?

To find it in EQ7 you actually have to search for “orange peel”

it’s kind of funny, because the orange peel is like the orange block at the bottom, but if you place 4 blocks together, you’ll see the “RPTPP” blocks!- how you you like that abbreviation?


I like to play with blocks and actually designed a fun quilt with this block when I got the die from Accuquilt!

first I modified the block in EQ and drew a line down the middle starting a bit over the wedge and ending a bit below the wedge


when you click on the color tab and back to easy draw it trims that line Smile


Then I did the same horizontally


add it to the sketchbook and put into a layout like this


and rotating every other block looks like this


I started with this and then started coloring from the middle and out in the four patches


and I made a baby quilt like this using the Rob Peter Die set and a QUBE set to make the four patch inside before cutting the “X” shape



Anja still has her quilt (somewhere) but the white polar bear she sleeps with every night!

So I think this tutorial is to show how you can easily modify a block in EQ and make it something totally different!

Have fun!

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