Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Accuquilt only Round Robin sign up!

round robin 2017

I’ve started sign ups for a Round Robin using ONLY Accuquilt dies on the Accuquilt FB group and there’s already several people signing up!!

The more the merrier!!

Here’s the “rules”

We’ll start in July, where each person makes a 12” block (12 1/2”) out of whatever Accuquilt dies they want to use, it can included QUBE sets, applique sets, strip sets… anything as long as they are by Accuquilt Smile

Then send it on to the next person on the list before the end of July and that person adds another border (see below) and you’ll also get someone else’s block to add to and so on.

Here’s the layout plan.

The sketches below are the same, just the top sketch is just showing the borders, the second one shows the borders with blocks in it.

round robin 56x68

It’s up to you if you want to add blocks or just plain borders using a strip die and maybe adding some applique?

I think there shouldn’t be two borders with “just” strips next to each other, try to add variety Smile

round robin 56x68 blocks

Center block is 12”

border 1 is 3”

border 2 is 6”

border 3 is 3” to TOP and BOTTOM only!!

border 4 is 3”

border 5 is 6”

border 6 is 3” to TOP and BOTTOM only!

lastly border 7 is 4” all the way around

at the end the top is 56” x 68”

(when you get it back you can always make it bigger if you want!)

I’d suggest adding a plain piece of fabric with the block so participants can sign it for a quilt label.

You may also want to attach a paper with instructions of a “theme” for your quilt or color choices etc. If you want to, you can also add some yardage fabric to be added with the rounds?!

Sign ups are for the US only due to postage cost and speed of mail.

What do you think??

Want to join??

If you want some inspiration here is a link to the previous RR, my quilt theme was Christmas and here’s the end result.

and here’s a reveal from the RR before that

Email me if you want to join or if commenting, make sure you are not a no-reply commenter or at least add your email to the comment.

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