Monday, May 29, 2017

QUBE Sampler QAL block 20


This week’s block is simple and NOT hard…. I promise

Don’t be afraid of curves!


You’ll need two different colors and cut out 2 of each shapes 11 and 12.

Or add more colors if you like.

The GREAT thing about Accuquilt dies on shapes like these are the notches it cut outs too!


When I sew Drunkard’s path pieces together, I have the outer piece on top and line up the notches and place the first pin then pin a LOT on the rest and also line up the corners straight and pin a pin from the sides (hard to explain, but once you start pinning around the curve, you’ll see it at the straight edges)


When sewing the pieces together, just sew slowly and then press toward the inner pie shape


Now there’s several ways you can sew it together.

This is more of the traditional way


But if your seams don’t line up correctly “maybe” then flipping opposite sections works great at hiding that Winking smile


and here’s my finished block


so either way you want to sew it together, it’ll look great Smile

here’s some blocks from the participants from last week.

19patty19 hannah

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Love your blocks x