Monday, May 8, 2017

QUBE sampler QAL Block 17


Block 17!

It’s easy compared to the curves from last week Smile


Here’s you’ll need shape #5 and #6 and 2-3 fabrics

I chose a stripe for the center diamond blocks and then two different colors for the triangles surrounding them

Cut out 4 of shape #6 and 8+8 of shape #5


Then sew the triangles to the sides of the squares.

You could have them be sets of two or all the same.

I chose to make two and two blocks identical.



See how how fun stripes are for the center square when it’s on point!

Here’s my 8” block.


and my 12” batik block, here I did the sections complete opposite of each other and swapped the spots for the center and the outer triangles.

a totally different look!


Here’s some blocks from last week from the QAL participants !!

Patty made this one


Renie made this one, and after seeing the picture I realized that I put the wrong directions up for the color placements on the DP pieces, sorry.

I still like her version though


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