Monday, May 1, 2017

QUBE sampler QAL block 16

It’s time for block #16 and something new!- curves!!!
Don’t be afraid of curves, they are NOT hard!!
AND with the Drunkard’s path die it has a notch in the middle on both pieces, so it’s easy to line up, just pin and go slow and steady!
Recognize this block??? This is the block that got me the idea for the chomping table topper
You’ll need quite a few dies for this block
#2, #3, #5 and #11 and #12
and 3 fabrics, including a solid
From fabric A cut out 2 pieces of shape #3 and #11
Then fabric B cut out 2 pieces of shape #2 and #12
and lastly in white or solid cut out 4 of shape #5
The drunkard’s path shape, lay the larger shape on top of the middle wedge and line up the notches in the middle and add one pin and then follow the curve around and pin, I also like to add pins to the sides, so they line up as some times my corners seem to slip when I sew curves.
When ironing I iron toward the middle wedge, it just seems natural to do that!
The rest of the block is easy, it’s like block #1
Doesn’t this block look like chomping teeth??
Here’s Hannah’s first 15 blocks laid out
15 hannah
and Renie’s #15 block
15 renie sampler qal qube
Here’s Patty’s #15
15 patty
If I missed anyone’s pictures, I’m sorry, just tag me on them on FB Smile

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Janet said...

I just bought a Go Big and the 12" Qube and companion over the weekend. Excited to give these a try. Will this stay on your Blog always? I'm excited to cut pain free with the go electric. I'm hoping to quilt more and use up some stash.