Wednesday, May 31, 2017

pillow pillow pillows

Earlier this month I got an email from a lady wanting me to make pillow covers for her from interior fabrics and silk!
I’ve never charged for making this before as I’ve only made pillow covers for us.
This first set had this delicate sort of mesh leaf print on one side and silk on the other side.
Her husband made these wooden buttons that are just decorative- I didn’t have to make button holes.
Another set was this ivory really thick textured fabric and then a linen for the back.
Then two more sets had to be modified in the design as there wasn’t enough fabrics, but then enough of another fabric, so we met again and planned those
While we met the second time she also talked me into doing a queen sized duvet cover out of silk and the other side was a modified flat sheet.
Now that was nerve racking!! cutting up about 7yds of silk….
But it turned out great
I also added 9 sets of ties that I made
here’s everything all done
She loved everything as I asked her to take better pictures of everything for my blog and with the pillows inside, so here they are Smile
It was fun to work with all these different fabric!
and I quickly found out that to prevent the silk from slipping and sliding around when sewing, I sewed everything together with a walking foot! then it was EASY!!
I’m glad she liked it Smile

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