Friday, May 19, 2017

Long arm quilting an old quilt

A long time ago a lady at church gave me a shoe box with an unfinished quilt in it, I put it on the shelf and honestly forgot about it for a long time, until recently I got it out and actually measured everything and noted it on my quilting board.
I then noticed that the backing was really big and I calculated that I would have enough to add a border on it from the backing fabric and still have enough for both the backing and binding as well.
So I added that and quilted it!
I quilted feathers on the border, then an outline and stitch in the dith on the floral appliqued border with dense meandering as well, then more feathers and curves on the rest
On the frame I could tell that the center and large triangles were actually a bit bigger than the appliqued flowers on the larger border so it was kind of wobbly, but I think I did fine in quilting it Smile
I plan on giving it back to the lady, even though she said she wanted it donated.
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cucki said...

Wow I love your quilt so much
So sweet
Big hugs x