Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Have you ever done a French braid quilt

Have you ever done a French braid quilt?

I have, a long time ago and I did NOT like it, I didn’t like the process of it, BUT then lately my friend borrowed my braid book and you know as soon as that book left my house I wanted to make one!! but I remembered…..then I started thinking about the QUBE and companion sets and thought I could make one easily with the chisel die!

So I did a mini test run and then started on another.

They are both up on Accuquilt’s blog



The mini one is made with left over strips from a jelly roll and the brown one is made with FQs

(plus the fabrics for the middle squares)


I was SO much fun to make that I want to make more!

well, look at the blog post and see how I made it

and Look what new dies I got in the mail!!

Which one should I start with??

(that’s a Dresden underneath Swiffer)


Don’t forget the Art with fabric blog hop!


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Cheryl's Teapots2Quilting said...

I did a French braid for a border on a Round Robin quilt. I didn't like that I couldn't string piece. We didn't use the squares in the center, like you show. We just alternated strips of fabric, and it looked nice. I'll do another one, one day (when I remember).

June said...

Love the fluffy grey cat!!