Friday, May 5, 2017

another modern quilt sort of

I’ve shown this top before, how I made it with the 6” QUBE set and used leftover batiks from another project I made.

It’s not within the size requirements for the IB challenge, but I already made the snowflake one so I’m just showing this because I felt like it Winking smile

This one is 28x 40


the sort of modern part of it I think is the quilting, I tried some more ruler work and first did a diagonal from the corner to the middle of the star tips where they touch the center, then an echo line just below that

(I lined up the ruler so it actually met the mid point of the side stars but then stopped just below the line- hard to explain.




I moved it down to our bathroom, as my husband has bad a small quilt on the floor there so the tile is not so cold on his feet in the mornings (he wakes up before me, I’m spoiled!) the other quilt was there from when Anja was newborn and I could lay her on there while taking a shower so she’d see me Smile


It looks good there now.

Modern Batik Challenge

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Connie Kresin Campbell said...

Beautiful quilt Bea! I remember working with some of the beautiful batiks and....I think I still have a few small pieces of it!