Thursday, May 25, 2017

a few purses

remember I showed this book I got from connecting threads recently?!
I got it because of the picture on the front, but I’m waiting for the right fabrics for that one.
The first purse in the book was EASY! it used 3 10” squares and a zipper and a snap.
So I used a few leftovers from my IB bundle I had leftover and made this!
it’s cute and it was fun to make the flap and the directions were easy!
Once I made that and wrapped my head around HOW it all works and how to easily make it with just a seam inside the lining, I decided to look at orphan blocks or something else and I found this apple!
I didn’t have a stiff interfacing to line it with as above, but decided on scraps of batting instead.
And used a red solid for the back (and lining) the front and back I marked with diagonal lines and quilted on the lines onto the batting.
Then following the same directions as above I made the purse and I also did the bottom corners so it could stand up more. I remembered how to do that from other purses!
Now I didn’t account for the standing up part so I should have left more room at the bottom, oh well!
Anja quickly adopted the bag for the ponies to bring in the car, she has a bag fettish I think, every bag I make, she wants to have and use Smile
here’s the back
I had SEW much fun making these, it’s a great way to use up those orphan blocks! I’ll totally do that again!!


tubakk said...

Lovely purses you've made. You may see on my blog what I've been up to last weekend. Now we're waiting for visitors for this weekend.

Vicki in MN said...

Very cute!

Connie Kresin Campbell said...

Beautiful Bea! I have that book too but haven't made anything with it yet.....

Calicojoan said...

They are too cute. Love the little apple.

cucki said...

They are so cute..I love them so much xx

Carla said...

Love that cute apple bag. I can see why Anja claimed.