Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Trying to sew

So imagine the grumbling when I told my 12yr old daughter that we’d have a sewing lesson last Friday!

I gave her the option of doing a zippered pouch, a string tie bag or something like that. She then suggested an owl bag, but I vetoed that because it’s on the embroidery machine and doesn’t have much sewing involved! Then I thought of the portfolios I’ve made in the past and Solveig looked thru the pattern and found a different portfolio thing and decided to do that.

She picked out some fabrics and then also decided to use my cat Accuquilt die and I showed her to cut it out and iron it and then gave her an option of stitching around it and she chose a satin stitch (a close zig zag)


It took us about 2 hrs to finish it- I almost lost here when she was sewing the back and front together and then the fabric got folded and I was SO terrible to actually make her rip out a few inches and start again (I actually sewed those few inches again as the fabric had gotten a bit distorted) then let her finish it


It’s a cute portfolio with pen holders and a flap going down to protect them


BUT it almost killed her!! she was SO tired and bored and UGHHH


(But she did bring it in the car last with some gel pens so I know she liked it and was proud of herself)

-I had told her too that she SHOULD do it now, otherwise when she’s an adult and doesn’t know how to sew, she’d wish that her mommy had taught her!!



Vroomans' Quilts said...

I think it is an essential thing to learn. All my kids learned to hand sew and machine stitch at early ages. You never know when you need to replace a button, mend a tear, fix a hem, apply a patch..... life's lessons are just not being taught to youngsters today. Put down those electronics and craft/create.

Cheryl's Teapots2Quilting said...

My father taught me how to use a sewing machine. He really wanted me to learn how to sew, since he was so proud of the clothes that his mother made (several of my Easter dresses over the years). I just wasn't interested back then (and I still don't want to sew clothes), but, I did want to learn how to sew quilts, and taught most of it to myself (before U tube videos).

margaret said...

lets hope she gets to enjoy stitching, niether of my girls or granddaughter show any interest but Sal last week suddenly said she would like to make some clothes, she is 19 and think she will come and visit in the uni holiday in summer for a play, if she takes to it will give her my new home machine it is getting on for 40 years old but still sews perfectly, will not hold my breath though!

Annette Schultz said...

Close call ..... glad you both survived....lol
My daughter and I had some of those moments too.
In stitches

Carla said...

LOL sorry to laugh but that's the same reaction I go from my 30 year recently. I told I screwed up by not teaching her when she was younger. Of course her reply was "You can sew for me"