Thursday, April 27, 2017

Road to Home row is done

I finally quilted and finished my Road to Home row and turned it into a little runner/wall hanging. (Denmark)
Hard to tell but I just quilted in the ditch with matching colored threads on my long arm.
Then I was thinking about what to do with it and decided to hang it under my TV behind the long arm in my room.
It’s kind of symbolic because several weeks ago I actually printed out the application to become a US citizen and I filled it out but it just sat on the shelf for a while and now finally I have SENT it off!!
Did you not know that I wasn’t a US citizen? and why NOW?
Well as you may know, I moved here in 96 to go to college and then met my husband and we got married in 98. I was under student visa for 3 years, then changed over to a green card, which is a few years at first then 10 years at a time, after 10 years you can apply for citizenship, but I DIDN’T…. BECAUSE I’s lose my Danish one… UNTIL fall of 2015! Denmark allows dual now. And I used to say, that all I’d gain was jury duty and voting and I could have cared less about that until this presidential election last year! I do wish I could have voted!! (there was plenty of illegal voting going on around here, but NO, I didn’t do it) I’d voice my opinion about it especially on facebook, and for years I kept out of politics but not this time around….I’m also starting to feel weird when we do school functions where students and parents stand and say the pledge of allegiance. I stand up out of respect, but I don’t say anything, because I’m not American, now I want to! So it’s a bunch of different reasons rolled into one and soon I can say I’m a proud American too (like my husband)!
-now the waiting begins, about 4 months, interview, then ceremony and swearing in.,,,
I’ll still be Danish and have my Danish roots and now I can be reminded of that with the row staring at me every day Smile
-BTW the back fabric on the runner is all American flags LOL


cucki said...

Sending you love and smiles x

Deonn @ Quiltscapes said...

Your quilt is lovely, and congratulations! I'm happy that you can be a dual citizen!

Connie Kresin Campbell said...

Beautiful quilt Bea and congrats that you'll be getting your dual citizenship!!

Michele said...

The runner is sweet and I'm glad that you have your US citizenship soon.