Monday, April 24, 2017

QUBE sampler QAL Block 15


Block #15 is EASY!


You’ll need the companion QUBE set for this one as it uses die #10 the signature block, and then #5 from the regular QUBE set

Cut out 4 signature blocks of one fabric

and 8 #5 triangles from another fabric (no need to use the solid for this block)


Then sew the corner triangles to the signature blocks.

Here my fabric for the signature blocks were not really directional but the diamonds did look different if you turned the fabric, so I made two opposite sets.


Then sew the block together like an “X”

this would be easy to make an X and O quilt with the signature die, just turn all the sections to make the “O” or like shown below, after sewing two together, swap spots and have the top be at the bottom.


Here’s the block all done! easy peasy!


You could make this block either out of HSTs and squares, or a large square with small corner squares sewn down the middle and then trim seam allowance and iron, it may not be exact and using the companion sure is easier and more accurate.

Here’s some pics of participant blocks from last week.

This is Hannah’s #13

1413 hannah

and #14


and Renie’s #14

14 renie

Here’s Patty’s #14 block

14 patty

Sorry if I missed any of them on the FB page.

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