Monday, April 10, 2017

QUBE sampler QAL block 13


It’s time for a new row of blocks, here’s block #13


It uses the companion set too this time

From White cut out (4) of shape #4

From each of color A and B, cut out (2 EACH) of the chisel shape #9 – ALL right side DOWN!

then (6 each) of shape #5


As you know, I sew as much as I can in one sitting, so this is what I did first. I sewed half of the flying geese (two and two have opposite color placements) then 4 chisel blocks with the color swapped


Then I finished the geese


Then I sewed the blocks together with the chisel shape at the top and then the geese block flipped with the left sides matching and the left sides matching, as below. (2 of each)


I just noticed that I sewed it together differently than the sketch above, but I love this way!! so the choice is up to you.


I didn’t make the batik version as I’m not using the companion set for that.

Here’s a few pics from last week’s block

This is Hannah’s


and this is Renie’s block

12 renie

and here is Sherry’s first 12 blocks. I love how she kept a color sort of for each block!


Have fun with this week’s block!

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