Thursday, April 6, 2017


I forgot to blog about that I got a pincushion from Turid for the pincushion swap I’m still hosting

She knows that I love owls, so of course there is an owl print on this one!!


she also sent some owl clips since the pincushion was a bit late



and speaking of owls! after hubby got my embroidery machine working again I tried to make some more owls, the machine actually broke again and hubby knew what to do, it’s all in the bobbin area, which we cleaned out and oiled the Cr@p out of it, and it seems to work fine now.



The person I’m sending to this month likes hot pink and Sonja had asked for me to make a pink one for her, so she picked one of these and the other one will go in the mail (not telling which one yet)



They are a HOOT, aren’t they?

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