Thursday, April 13, 2017

Back from Asheville NC and Biltmore

Did you notice that I didn’t blog yesterday?? You know I do it every day!

Well, it’s because we went on vacation to Asheville NC, it’s roughly a 3hr drive from us and we’d never been. Plus the largest privately owned home BILTMORE is there. So I figured we’ve DO it and stayed at a hotel for two nights and came home last night.

Here’s what we did on Monday

We did a southern Route to Triple falls and hiked to Hooker falls as it was only 1/2 mile



it was a pretty area and there were people bathing already and going up and under the fall! (crazy)



Then about 45 min north to Asheville and we stopped first at St Lawrence Basilica it had a beautiful domed roof.


we had an appointment to tour the MOOG factory


They made synthesizers and are world famous! Hubby has a few of these for his electric bass


This is a huge poster of Moog


we then checked into out hotel and I thought this sign was funny.


For dinner we went all out and had sushi! (we had packed lots of snacks and PB&Js etc for the drive)

Anja was so tired and cranky she didn’t eat anything


and fell asleep in my arms



We went to a craft artist (southern highlands) guild I had heard about


BECAUSE I knew they’d have quilts on display!!

There were signs everywhere about not taking pictures, but I asked if I could take an overview picture and the lady said to do it quickly Winking smile

They had quilts for sale too and OH the prices!! and I asked if they sold a lot of them and they said they sell a lot of quilts. (One was 700 for a baby sized one)


In asheville we had bought these hop on and hop off trolley tickets and we toured around Asheville, the round trip was 1.5hrs but we split it up a bit




One spot on the trolley tour was the river art district it was several streets of warehouses that were turned into studios and often the studio was split into several areas, it was pretty neat. Very ARTSY!




We went to Biltmore


This place was HUGE and very neat and already pretty packed with people


The view from there was amazing!


The garden was in full bloom with tulips and I’ll show more pictures of that tomorrow



It was a great trip but always good to be home!

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Connie Kresin Campbell said...

Looks like you had a great time! I visited the Biltmore estate years ago and loved it. Wouldn't it be great if we could sell quilts for that price!