Monday, March 13, 2017

QUBE sampler QAL block 9


It’s time for block #9!


This is not a tricky one, but it’s a slow one, as you have to iron after every single piece, so doing it as an “in-between” block is good this week Smile

For White you’ll cut out 1 of shape #6

from Fabric A cut out 4 of shape #3

and 4 of shape #5

From fabric B cut out 4 of shape #4


First sew the 4 #5 shapes to the sides of the white center shape#6


Then add the fabric B shape #4 (notice my stripes are going the same way, that’s easy because the die cut out all 4 at once)


Then add the remaining #3 triangles

and the block is done!


Here’s my batik 12” version, which I only used 2 colors for.


also since I skipped some blocks that used the companion set for some blocks, I now have 6 blocks in batiks!

They look great in black, browns and blues


Are you keeping up with the blocks?

Here’s pictures from the QUBE Facebook group, where several ladies SURE are keeping up and having fun!!

MaryJo finished the first 7 blocks


Here’s #8 from Kaye in 6”


and her 8” version


Here’s Patty’s first 8 blocks


SEW much fun and great to see all these different versions!

Now I played in EQ and with 9 blocks done you could possibly stop and make a baby quilt with sashing


Or you can finish all 48 blocks Winking smile

hope you are having fun!!

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