Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Making stuffies

I’ve been busy making stuffed Animals lately

Here’s two for my neighbor who had a baby in February (a homebirth in 3hrs!! brave awesome woman!!)

This is a sheep by dolls and daydreams and it’s ITH


and a bear for her other son also ITH


I used Island Batik fabrics that had bears and moose and stuff on it.


The girls got the owl zippered purses I’ve shown recently

I now need to make mommy some nursing pads- I totally forgot!


I’m getting ahead on my EPP hexagon quilt too, it’s nice to once in a while plop on the couch and sew while Sonja watches TV or bring it in the car, I already planned where the rest of the hexagons go and snapped a picture with my phone, so I can refer to that picture when I add a new flower


Last week I took the girls to a local park that we love and they got some new trash cans up but read the sign…… how sad, no one used spell check! I took a picture of it, because it looked wrong then check when I got home and sure enough…


So next time, spell check is highly RECOMMENDED!! sigh


I’ve also made two stuffies for Island Batik’s booth- secret for now

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Barb said...

Your stuffies are soooooooooooooo stinking adorable!!!