Monday, February 13, 2017

QUBE sampler QAL block 5

it's week 5 already!
and it's the first week that we are using the companion set too!
QUBE Sampler QAL 2017 Block
For this block you'll need two colors plus white
then die shapes#2, #5 and #9
cut out 4 of #9 in white (if you are NOT using a solid for this shape, the fabric all has to face the same direction)
with the two colors cut out 4 of shape #2 and 2 of #5 EACH (5 1/2" WOF from the Fat Quarter)
-I used a directional fabric which is really neat on this block.
QUBE Sampler QAL 2017 Block5
Because of the directional fabric the triangles are all cut the same way but on the block are going in different directions (up and down vs left and right) so with the small #2 squares I had them follow the direction of the triangles
-the green is going side to side and the blue is going vertically
QUBE Sampler QAL 2017 Block5
for this I split the block into quarters like the few before and again I sewed as much together as possible before getting up to iron
QUBE Sampler QAL 2017 Block
the I sewed the quarters together (2 of each) iron toward the squares
QUBE Sampler QAL 2017 Block5
and here is the whole block done
QUBE Sampler QAL 2017 Block
(If you don't have the companion set, I'm sure you can figure out to make the block with rectangles and squares instead, but it sure is easier and more accurate this way!) 
I'm not doing a batik 12" version as I don't have the companion set for it, but you can easily do the chisel block with a HST block and a square, I just chose not to do it.

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Connie Kresin Campbell said...

Great block Bea, thanks for sharing!