Monday, February 6, 2017

QUBE Sampler QAL block 4

It's time for block #4 in the QUBE sampler QAL

This block is EASY!! (I had this one in my flowing in the breeze pattern/tutorial I did last year)

flying geese with rectangles

For some reason I didn't take a picture of the fabrics on the dies, but you'll need two colors and solid white

and shapes #4, 5 and 8

with white cut out 4 of shape #4 (5 3/4" WOF)

with color A cut out 8 of shape #5 ( 3 3/4" WOF)

with color B cut out 4 of shape #8 (5 1/2" WOF)

Then sew the flying geese unit with 8 of shape #8 and the whites in shape #4

I love how there's NO dog ears when making flying geese using the QUBE sets!!

QUBE Sampler QAL 2017 Block4

Then add the rectangles -shape #8 to the top of the geese and iron toward the rectangle

QUBE Sampler QAL 2017 Block4

and lastly sew the block together

QUBE Sampler QAL 2017 Block4

a pretty easy block!

here’s the 12” batik version


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