Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Happy Galentine’s and Valentine’s day

Happy Galentine_s Day

When I got the schedule of Events for Island Batik ambassadors I thought this was a typo, but it’s NOT….

Have a look at this video.

That each year lots of Singles feel lonely on Valentine’s because they don’t have a date so Galentine’s is for GAL pals to celebrate that they appreciate each other….

Something I never thought of, since I’m not into Valentine’s day but do buy little things for the kids.

I remember Dan and I took Bjorn out on Valentine’s day when he was a baby, I think around 2 and I was pregnant with Solveig, it was a cute little italian restaurant and OF course we got the table smack in the middle of the restaurant and OF course Bjorn was being a loud 2yr old boy!- I bet he was birth control for a lot of couples there…. ha ha

So I was thinking of Galentine’s day and my friend Laura, who is really a great friend to me over these last few years we’ve known each other!

She’s also my sewing buddy!!

So I got out my Valentine’s bundle (which I washed already)


And my original idea was a mug rug, but once I printed it I thought it was to big and odd and then thought of a 4” pincushion instead..

heart valentine's

here’s my 4” block all pieced and ready for trimming.


and now all trimmed


I then decided to quilt it a bit and found a bit of batting and a piece for the backing (I just don’t like the batting to be facing my feeddogs on the machine.


part of the goodies from island batik was this pinkish thread that was thicker and I wanted to see if it would work on my machine and it DID!


I then put regular thread in the machine and laid another backing piece on top and stitched around leaving an opening at the bottom and trimmed the corners.


then turned right side out and stuffed with crushed walnut shells and sewed it closed


She liked it! Smile


Happy Valentine_s Day



Vicki in MN said...

That turned out really cute! I guess we were both rebels-mine wasn't a mug rug either!!

Joyce said...

Love this pincushion - and so useful!

FunThreads Designs said...

Very cute