Thursday, February 2, 2017

Hanging in there

Our cat Swiffer is crazy!!


He has jumped up like this this twice now and then is stuck.. DSCF7724

I’ve been quilting and sewing a lot of secret things for Accuquilt

all I can show is this yummy FQ bundle from Timeless treasures, which I’ve gotten to play with!!


and you saw my pink and orange quilt for the blog hop yesterday.

I used this new extension table on the funquilter20 and wow, it’s awesome!!



Here’s one thing I’ve been working on that I CAN show, a ton of 2 1/2” squares cut out of batiks


For borders on these leaf blocks (you’ll see an EQ tutorial on that later)


and I’m working on hunter star blocks as leader and enders too



And look who else has been busy. our chickens started laying eggs, it all happened at the same time, one on the first day, then two, then 3, now it’s 3-4 per day as we have 4 chickens and it’s still a bit cold outside so I was surprised they’d do it already


Maybe they are just BORED being cooped up in the coop and run now and not being free ranging anymore??


Anyway, the eggs are delicious!!

“Dave’s killer bread” from costco, with eggs, tomatoes and avocados and mayo with salt and pepper!!


I was looking thru my pictures and I forgot to show this pattern I bought at the quilt show a few weeks ago, the store/booth had it as a table runner with just 3 owls and it was a HOOT! and you know me, I gotta have anything with owls!! so I have it near my ufo projects so hopefully soon I’ll start it, but I’m thinking I might want to wait for some cool batiks from Island Batik, as I’m an ambassador for them AGAIN, though not sure when I’ll get a box from them, but I’m not in a hurry Winking smile


Anja is getting around more and reaching more, climbing more, opening more things, getting into more things!!


Bjorn is doing well in school, a new semester started where he has also joined robotics club and it’s a big competition and the theme is steam punk!

Then in a few weeks, him and two team mates have to go to a regional science competition as they won the county one in Biology B (that’s human behavior) their project was Where’s Waldo and the “science” was that they estimated that people who are visual learners have an easier time finding Waldo, vs auditory and hands on learners and they were right.


I’m still dealing with insurance and STUFF from the accident, it’s so stressful….anyone dealt with lawyers in something like this? (The jetski insurance is saying to get a lawyer and the state is involved too)

I’ll just keep on quilting, keep on quilting, keep on quilting…

Hey, look!

there’s more of the blog hop!!

new blog hop button


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Connie Kresin Campbell said...

You have really been busy Bea! So how does the extension table help with your quilting? Your new longarm is neat! I am so glad that Bjorn is doing well and don't envy all the problems with insurance.

Jen said...

Looks like you have been super busy! That stack of batiks is inspiring. It looks like fun.

Robert Linde said...
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