Tuesday, February 28, 2017

EQ7 Tutorial Tuesday climate quilt

On facebook I saw this fun “challenge” for crocheting.
a row a day for 365 depending on the temperature outside
Then I thought about a way to make a quilt this way!
well 365 days doesn’t really equal into a rectangle, but doing a 16 x 24 grid then you have two rows for each month
Now it was a google search to find a place that showed temperatures from 2016 in my area and I found it at usclimatedata.com and you can then add your zip code and see the result

I then found the month of temps for my area (a neighbor city)
and looking at the yarn picture I chose to add one for 100 and above to be dark red
so from high to low
110 above dark red
89-99 red
78-88 golden
67-77  green
54-66 light green
44-53 light blue
33-43 blue
23-32 dark blue
under 22 purple
so then start coloring!
one block for each day
The first row I did 15 days of january 2016 and notice I did a black as #16 for that row so there’s room for 16-31 on the 2nd row
Here’s January all done
here’s February!
March and April
and here’s up to sept
Then the data ended, but you get the point
it’s a fun way to make a quilt and if you keep these colors or not or maybe split it more like 30-39, 40-49 or even in 5 degrees? that’s up to you!
a fun way to make a quilt and with an accuquilt die, you can cut out the blocks in no time!!

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Jackie Kelly said...

I saw this in an Afghan and was intrigued. The person crocheting it was making one for her grandson using the temps in the year he was born.Thank you for figuring it out in a quilt.